Data-Driven Digital Transformation (1 day)

If you describe digital transformation (DX) as merely the incorporation of digital technology into all areas of your business, you will end up overlooking its power. Besides, a DX that puts data and analytics at the core of its operations will let an organization view their business from a data-driven perspective instead of seeing it as a bunch of processes. This workshop looks at the value of a data-driven digital transformation and how it changes the value an organization brings to its clients, and itself.

This workshop is highly interactive in nature, with most of the time being allocated to discussions and a combination of individual and group exercises.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate how you can better prepare your organization for big data and AI
  • Be aware of the high-value business cases that exploit big data and AI
  • Identify the hazards and ethical issues resulting from big data and AI usage

Target Audience: Senior- to C-Level Executives

Course Outline

  • Opportunities in big data analytics (BDA) and AI and how it gels with digital transformation
  • BDA / AI success stories around the region
  • Advanced analytics landscape and BDA / AI capability stages in organizations
  • The BDA / AI ecosystem (from big data ingestion to analytics to organizational transformation)
  • Key BDA / AI roles and competencies (chief data officers, data scientists and data engineers)
  • Big data governance and security
  • A C-level guide to artificial intelligence incorporating subtopics such as “Why AI today?”, high-value business cases, AI ethics and risks, and evolving smarter people
  • Producing high-impact analytics by asking the right questions
  • A systematic approach to starting a BDA / AI project

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