Big Data Strategy & Application (2 days)

This non-technical big data strategy and application workshop helps your organization achieve the potential of big data analytics and data science in powering high-value data-driven initiatives. You will obtain an understanding of the key elements and thoughts required to successfully develop big data analytics applications that increase profits and efficiencies.

This workshop is highly interactive in nature, with most of the time being allocated to discussions and a combination of individual and group exercises.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Grasp the big data ecosystem and how it applies to various industry use cases
  • Understanding how to develop high-value data-driven analytics
  • Take away a list of “quick wins” – analytics business cases you can begin immediately in your organization

Target Audience: Junior- to Senior-Level Executives

Course Outline

  • Overview of Big Data Analytics (BDA)
  • BDA success stories around the region
  • The analytics landscape
  • The BDA ecosystem
  • Big data and cloud technologies
  • Organizational analytics maturity
  • Data science professionals and key competency areas
  • A systematic approach to starting a data science project
  • Group activity: Data-driven case study discussion
  • Relevant industry use cases
  • Group activity: Data-driven business case brainstorming and prioritization

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